Introducing victory for the Ukraine team against host nation

The Ukrainian U-17 girls team had to make its debut match with the host Georgian team 3 days after the start of the championship. Due to the quality of the game shown by the Georgians in their first match, the Slavic girls were considered unconditional favorites of this game.

The expectations of the match in the first half were partially justified – if the scoreboard was in favor of the Ukrainians at the end of the half, the picture of the game left the impression that the Georgian U-17 girls team could have achieved more than a “decent performance” in this game.

However, the Ukrainian girls’ team had completely different plans. They did not lose focus in the second half either, moreover – they did not leave a chance for the hosts with their accurate attack and aggressive play in defense, the difference increased periodically and the scoreboard at the end of the match showed the great advantage of the Ukrainians – 38 – 18.

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