Simple and awesome victory for Netherlands vs. Luxembourg

On the first day of the tournament, after the victory over the hosts, the Luxembourg U17 girls team was in a good mood for the match against one of the W17 EHF CHAMPIONSHIP favorites – Netherlands team. However, the Oranges justified their status as favorites and showed strength to the opponent at the start of the game.

The Luxembourgers were unable to play a combination game in attack, while in defense they could not neutralize the intense attacks and quick counterattacks of the Dutch. This picture of the game was reflected on the board at the
end of the half – 6-16 in favor of the Dutch girls team.

The picture of the game remained approximately unchanged throughout the second half. Dutch girls increased the pace of the game even more and ended their fastest attacks with effective goals. So, the difference between them and the opponent at the end of the match was colossal – 9-51.


How would you rate this game?

Coach of Luxembourg: “We met great team of Netherlands. It was too difficult to find solutions but we’re very happy with what we scored.”

Best player of Luxembourg: “We knew that it will be a very hard match to win but we fought till the end.”

Coach of Netherland: “I am very happy that we won. I think that in the first half we had to push it a little bit more in defense and then score in the second half. I am very proud of our team and players.”

Best player of Netherlands: “It was really nice game. A lot of speed in everything.”

What were your expectations for this match?

Coach of Luxembourg: „We knew that it’ll be very hard for us, they have a great team. I think girls did the best.“

Best player of Luxembourg: „All of us wanted to win of course but it is what is is. We can’t change it now.“

Coach of Netherland : „I had no specific expectations. We are really focusing on ourselves and trying to play best games.“

Best player of Netherland: “I didn’t expect anything. We were hoping to play a good game with a lot of speed.”

What are your plans for future games?

Coach of Luxembourg: “So i think that the match with Ukraine will be tough too but we are ready and we will fight.”
Best player of Luxembourg: “This game will be a great example for us, and we are looking forward to the next games.”

Coach of Netherland: “We will try to play every game better than before and then we will see the results at the end.”
Best player of Netherlands: “We are hoping to win all the games like this today.”


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